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Foam boards

Foam boards are a popular choice for photographers and artists, offering a lightweight, affordable mounting option that brings clarity and focus to photographic displays.



Production time

3 to 7 working days

Shipping time

Shipping in Western Europe can take 2-7 business days outside of peak seasons.

Shipping in Eastern Europe and the US can take about 5-7 business days outside of peak seasons.

In the rest of the world it may take 10 business days or more.

Print material

Image printed directly on a resistant but flexible foam board.

Hanging accessories:

Aluminium suspension frame included

Foam board | Two printable paperboard

Corner of a paperboard

Foam board | 5 mm polystyrene

Corner of a paperboard

Foam board | Foamed PVC 5 mm

Corner of a paperboard

Two printable paperboard | 1312 UV-printer

Corner of a paperboard
Materials and print technology
Print technology

HP Indigo digital prints. HP Indigo printing presses are some of the highest quality digital printers on the market, ensuring rich, vibrant colours and high resolution images. Learn more


Image printed directly on a resistant but flexible foam board.

Available sizes

Our range of foam boards can be dynamically sized to match your image. To find the right price for your print, check the corresponding maximum and minimum dimensions for each product size. Are you interested in printing large recurring volumes? Get in touch for about our pricing options.

Frequently asked questions about foam boards

Do I keep my copyright?

When uploading content, you keep your copyright at all times. You just give us the right to create a print for you and/ or for the people that would like to buy your content in print, if you allow them to. In order to do so, we need to process your content and store the result, but we will never share it with anyone. Read more in the terms and conditions.

What does Peecho’s service include?

We’re not just global print fulfillment provider, we offer software and support that allows you to focus your time and money elsewhere. Payment collection, file processing, order routing, and even customer service is all be handled by us. Once an order hits our system, we handle the entire print operations for you.

Can I offer limited-edition prints?

Yes, you can. Limited edition prints allow you to set a maximum number of sales per publication or wall decor product. So, for instance, if you’re an artist and you’re interested in offering limited edition prints of a particular painting, you can specify how many prints you want to sell.

Do you change my content?

No, we don’t. We do not stretch, cut off or change any content. We will only offer products that are either the original size or smaller, but never bigger or distorted. Only if your product file is smaller than our smallest product, we may increase the size a bit to make it fit – but without distortion.

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