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Sustainable print solutions

Peecho's sustainable print solutions help businesses minimize their environmental impact while still maintaining the highest quality production standards. Leveraging our global print network and print on demand dropshipping model, enables companies to reduce their carbon footprint and comply with increasingly stringent sustainability regulations.

Sustainable print on demand

How Peecho enhances your supply chain sustainability

Outsourcing your print on demand supply chain to Peecho allows you to reduce costs, improve efficiency, adhere to global legislation, and reduce your organization's carbon footprint.

Minimizing emissions using local production: We handle all customer communications using your chosen email address and manage communication with printing partners, keeping your customers informed directly without relying on third parties or intermediaries. Peecho's extensive print network allows for production closer to the final destination, significantly reducing transportation emissions. By utilizing a print on demand dropshipping model, businesses can print their materials, such as business cards, stationery, and corporate documents, exactly where they're needed. This approach aligns with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol's Scope 3 emission reduction goals, helping companies minimize their environmental impact.
Compliance with global sustainability regulations: Partnering with Peecho helps businesses adapt to rigorous sustainability regulations, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR). Our platform ensures compliance with reporting requirements and sustainability standards, demonstrating your company's commitment to accurate environmental impact reporting and supporting your sustainability goals and initiatives.
Optimizing supply chain efficiency and sustainability: Peecho's on-demand printing capabilities optimize inventory management and minimize waste, streamlining supply chain operations and reducing environmental impact. Our efficient processes and cost-effective pricing help businesses meet their sustainability targets without compromising quality or exceeding budget. By leveraging our platform, companies can achieve their sustainability goals while maintaining a lean and efficient supply chain.
A commitment to sustainability: At Peecho, eco-friendly practices are at the core of our business model. We are dedicated to minimizing waste, reducing emissions, and promoting responsible production. Our transparent and authentic approach to sustainability efforts sets us apart, helping businesses make a real, positive impact on the environment.

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