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Transform your images into beautiful prints

Peecho helps artists and photographers sell high-quality prints without the hassle of managing inventory, stocks, production or setting up complex ecommerce sites.

Our simple print on demand solutions integrate with your existing website or app, enabling you to start selling to a global audience within minutes.

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Fubiz Prints partners with Peecho to offer limited edition art prints

Fubiz Prints, a leading online art platform, has partnered with Peecho to offer a curated selection of limited edition art prints from both emerging and established artists across various disciplines.

By leveraging Peecho's print on demand platform and global fulfillment network, Fubiz Prints can now provide its customers with high-quality, exclusive artworks delivered directly to their doorstep.

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Print on demand products that make your art and photos look amazing

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Present your portfolio in professionally designed, perfectly bound books that will  command attention on any coffee table or bookshelf.

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Create a sales catalogue of your photography or art to help convert prospects into customers.

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Wall Art

Transform your images into breathtaking wall art printed on premium quality materials.

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Curious to know how much you could earn?

Based on a 64-page hardcover books with meta paper rough white. Use our product pricing calculator to find out the exact price.

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All the tools you need to scale your print on demand sales

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Sales insights

Gain real time insight into your sales and order performance using our visual dashboard.

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Global network

Our print on demand platform and global print network takes care of everything from printing, shipping, to customer service.

What happens when you sign up?

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We automatically make your files print-ready

You don’t have to add print marks or extra margins to your art files. Our service generates these automatically, so our each printer gets a custom print file optimised to their workflow, guaranteeing the best possible output quality.

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You get a link to start selling instantly

Once you upload a file or design, you can choose whether to add a simple "buy button" to your site. Anyone clicking this button is then automatically directed through our standard order flow, with every purchase getting instantly fulfilled by our print network.

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You get access to a branded checkout

Your customers won't realize they're using a third-party checkout, as you can customize it to match your website's design. The checkout supports multiple currencies, languages, and payment options, providing a smooth and localized experience for global audiences.

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You can offer a range of premium products

Whether it's photobooks, magazines, or posters, customers can select from a wide range of print on demand products to reproduce your work.

Frequently asked questions

Do I keep my copyright?

When uploading content, you keep your copyright at all times. You just give us the right to create a print for you and/ or for the people that would like to buy your content in print, if you allow them to. In order to do so, we need to process your content and store the result, but we will never share it with anyone. Read more in the terms and conditions.

What does Peecho’s service include?

We’re not just global print fulfillment provider, we offer software and support that allows you to focus your time and money elsewhere. Payment collection, file processing, order routing, and even customer service is all be handled by us. Once an order hits our system, we handle the entire print operations for you.

Can I offer limited-edition prints?

Yes, you can. Limited edition prints allow you to set a maximum number of sales per publication or wall decor product. So, for instance, if you’re an artist and you’re interested in offering limited edition prints of a particular painting, you can specify how many prints you want to sell.

Do you change my content?

No, we don’t. We do not stretch, cut off or change any content. We will only offer products that are either the original size or smaller, but never bigger or distorted. Only if your product file is smaller than our smallest product, we may increase the size a bit to make it fit – but without distortion.

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