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Unique You Books: “Every child is unique. We believe their adventure books should be too.”

September 12, 2023
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What is Unique You Books?

Unique You Books is an online platform that lets you craft unique storytelling experiences for every child in the form of highly personalized softcover or hardcover books.

What is the story behind Unique You Books?

Unique You Books was created by co-founders and sisters Ana Susa and Milica Todoric. The project started to take shape a few years ago, when Ana ordered a personalized book for Milica’s son.

While the idea of a story crafted to change based on a child’s name was great, they thought something was missing. In fact, even though names and physical appearance certainly play a part in making us unique, Ana and Milica believed that what really defines us as individuals are our character traits and interests.

Upon researching the personalized book market, Ana and Milica were surprised by the scarcity of diverse characters in children’s books. They noticed there is a lack of heroes and heroines that every child can identify with, including children of all backgrounds, those with disabilities or in wheelchairs, and those who wear glasses or have to live with a life threatening disease.

As a result, Ana and Milica came up with a solution of their own: creating highly personalized books for every child.

What does Unique You Books offer?

To face the low degree of personalization in children's literature, Unique You’s books not only add a child’s name to the story, but they also base the story on the child’s interests and character traits.

Parents, relatives and friends who want to create highly personalized books for the child they love, will have the opportunity to choose from over 300 main characters, 180,000 illustrations, 3 story backgrounds and over 70 character traits.

“We want to help parents teach their kids to discover, value and love themselves, just as they are. And in the process, to learn that everyone’s unique qualities are worthy of love and respect,” Milica Todoric says. “When kids can fully identify with a character and its challenges and victories, they are more likely to feel better about themselves, develop the habit of reading, and keep it when they grow up.”

Ana Susa adds: “When reading Unique You's books and their very own personal adventures, children will be able to recognize their uniqueness and their contribution to this world through imaginative stories of self-discovery, love, and friendship. The more children know and appreciate differences, the easier it will be for them to accept, understand and above all embrace them.”

Unique You Books is based in Belgrade, Serbia, but their partnership with Peecho will allow them to have their books manufactured at premium printing facilities around the globe and shipped worldwide. Thanks to Peecho’s extensive print network, each order will be printed on demand using Mohawk specialty paper, and routed to the printing facility nearest to the recipient.

At the question of why Ana and Milica chose to partner with Peecho, they answered: “We were looking for a company that could print high quality, single copy books. And Peecho was the only company that met all our requirements. The quality of the paper and the printing is amazing. And it’s great that they can ship directly to end users. We love the personalized customer service Peecho offers. We’ve been amazed by how supportive they’ve been.”

Who is behind Unique You Books?

Unique You Books has been co-founded by sisters Ana Susa and Milica Todoric. Growing up, they lived in many different places – Yugoslavia, France, Australia, Zambia, the United Arab Emirates and Serbia. Their life experience played a role in shaping who they are and how they see the world, and it also allowed them to experience unique cultures and meet unique people.

“We grew up in a loving, encouraging family that used books as a way of connecting us to the world and helping us to understand and respect our own views, but also those of other people. We grew up knowing and celebrating uniqueness,” they say. They also add: “We come from a family of strong, creative, fearless and empowered women, and thus naturally crave professional and personal freedom. Which is why developing innovative products comes naturally to us. We have a clear vision of continuous growth and development in terms of creativity and productivity."

With their different professional backgrounds, Ana and Milica each add their own specific values to the company. While Ana has vast managerial and communication experience in the media and UNICEF, Milica is working in marketing and is passionate about creating content that not only helps sell products, but also provides personal value to end users.

When can you start creating your unique personalized story?

Unique You Books officially launches its Kickstarter campaign today 23 April 2021. While their Kickstarter backers are already able to pre-order books, other customers will be able to create and purchase them in a few months.

At the moment, Unique You Books needs your support in order to finish their website, develop the rest of their illustrations, and pay their amazing artists, developers, writers and animators who have been working tirelessly to create unique characters and their stories.

Spread the word and support Unique You Books on Kickstarter![embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykYv405CFVU[/embed]Check out Unique You Books at www.unique-you.net.Are you interested in learning more about Peecho's print on demand solutions? Learn more about Peecho's Print API and Plug and Print Checkout.For more information, reach out to globalsales@peecho.com.