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Print on demand photo books

May 22, 2024

No one takes a photo so they can forget it, and your pictures deserve a better fate than being relegated to the depths of your phone’s camera roll – which is where Peecho comes in.

Our print on demand platform enables anyone to easily create their very own photo album book for immortalizing life’s big events – from weddings, birthdays and vacations to special moments with family and friends.

Whether ordering a one-off photo book for yourself or someone else, or sending photo books to clients or employees in bulk, Peecho has you covered.

As well as having full creative license of the content inside your custom photo book, you also have a say over, well, pretty much everything. The front cover, back cover, book spine, paper type, number of pages – you name it, you can customize it.

Choose from a wide range of custom photo books, including hardcover, softcover and our bestselling layflat books. Then, follow our step-by-step guide on how to create and publish your photo book.

Once you receive an order, we’ll print and pack your print on demand photo book, before dropshipping it directly to the recipient’s address. Better yet, our print hubs are located all over the world, which means both you and your customers benefit from cheaper shipping and faster delivery.

And if you’re wondering which one of our print on demand photo books to go for, then keep scrolling, because we’re about to break them down for you, one by one.

Hardcover photo books

Sturdy enough for shelf-stacking but equally at home displayed on a coffee table, our hardcover photo books are the perfect blend of durability and sophistication.

Softcover photo books

Sleek and lightweight, our flexible softcover photo books are ideal for creating premium magazines and catalogs.

Layflat photo books

Our popular layflat photo books have a similar aesthetic to our hardcover books, with the added benefit of layflat binding. Enjoy seamless, panoramic spreads that showcase your images in full, without losing any detail between the pages of your book.

Create your own print on demand photo book

Peecho partners with Prodigi to create premium photo album books, printed and dropshipped on demand.

Turn your photos into everything from baby books and wedding albums to travel journals using the print on demand platform’s photo book builder.

Once you’re happy with your photo book, simply fill in the order details, delivery address and payment information to complete the order. Prodigi will handle the rest – from printing your book to shipping it.

Sell print on demand photo books online

Print API

Interested in selling custom photo books to your users? Peecho’s print API allows you to automate the sale and fulfillment of digital content as high-quality printed products.

Suitable for apps or platforms with access to a developer, it gives you access to product details, shipping information and status updates for existing orders. You can also use our brandable and customizable plug-and-print checkout to add your logo, choose your preferred colors, select the products you want to sell and set up your own pricing, currency and default language.

Book creator

If you want to sell photo books online but don’t have the technical resources required to integrate with our print API, our book creator solution is for you.

Designed to help apps and platforms generate branded photo books for their user base, it operates on a one-click layout basis. This fully plug-and-play solution allows you to design your own branded books, choose from a wide range of templates and offer a beautifully printed product to your users with just a click of a button. What’s more, we’ll take care of the fulfillment and customer support, so you don’t have to.

To sum up…

Whether you’re a business looking to create custom photo books to sell online or an individual in search of an online photo album maker, Peecho is your go-to for photo book printing solutions.

We offer a wide range of print on demand photo books, including hardcover, softcover and layflat books. We’ll also print, pack and ship your orders for you, as well as handle your customer support, so you can enjoy 100% hands-off fulfillment.

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