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Newly re-branded LO’AMMI Magazine celebrates its one month launch anniversary

September 12, 2023

What is LO’AMMI Magazine?

Previously called FigJam, the magazine was based in London, England, and was an inspiration hub for photographers world wide.

The new LO’AMMI Magazine was re-branded as an expansion on the previous core principals that created FigJam. The magazine is now based in Los Angeles, California, and serves as a place where content creators from around the world come together as a collective.

LO’AMMI, which grew to be a point of inspiration for all who are interested in fashion, art, photography, travel and entertainment, also aims to expand its blogs and articles to be a place where young people can have their voices heard. For example, one of the magazine’s blog sections features the fashion model Anna Greene and her academic writings.

What does “LO’AMMI” mean?

The name “LO’AMMI” comes from the Bible and means “Not My People” in Hebrew. LO’AMMI Editor says: “I was interested in the idea of people who were once not associated or accepted, finally being given a sense of community. Here, people that would be considered to be different (different race, nationality, beliefs, mode of expression, etc.) can come together as one creative collective.”

Who are the people behind “LO’AMMI”?

Working at LO’AMMI means being surrounded by people from many multicultural and diverse backgrounds.

LO’AMMI Editor says: “I am constantly in contact with content creators of all ranges of experience, ethnicities, ideals, goals, inspirations, aspirations, etc. Whether they are writers, or wardrobe stylists, or makeup artists, it forces me to be inspired and surrounded by creativity every day, because I interact with people who create every day - from all over the world. 

There are many people behind LO’AMMI than initially meet the eye. We have Marc Evans, who is an internationally renowned photographer and magazine editor - he functions as a marketing consultant for our team, and is currently in Italy. Nicolas Exarchos is our Director of Art. He is another international persona who has been in this industry for decades, and has worked with the likes of L’Officiel and Chanel. Mike Morga is our social media content consultant who is currently working on a Master’s degree in Marketing and Photography. Yue Jin is our Chief Financial Officer - with a Master’s Degree from Carnegie Mellon University in the field of Information System Management, she has worked with Visa and Amazon in the past in the field of Finance. There are many other people involved with LO’AMMI (for example, our Staff Writers and Key Contributors).”

What does the future hold for “LO’AMMI”?

To the question of what the future holds for LO’AMMI, the editor says: “In the future, we hope to expand our website into a forum for those who seek a community where people come together as ... well ... one people! Hopefully, we can have more individuals find worth in logging in to have their own accounts on our site, which is already an option for those who like to leave comments where applicable. We will see what the future has for us on this front. It would be amazing to see people have the opportunity to come together and collaborate on ideas live on our website.”

Where can you buy “LO’AMMI”?

LO’AMMI Magazine will be available in digital and print starting from June 2021 here, where you can also find Legacy Publications FIGJAM Magazine.

Would you like to learn more about LO’AMMI? Check out the following links:

LO'AMMI website

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