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Introducing Peecho coupon codes for merchants

September 12, 2023

If you’ve been eagerly waiting to run a promotion that can boost your publication's sales, the wait is over: our coupon codes are finally here! You can view your coupon options under the settings tab in your admin panel, as shown in the image above.

How do coupon codes work?

Coupons allow you to give your customers a discount or offer a product for free. In order to issue coupons, you need to purchase credit by clicking on the “buy credit” tab in the coupons page - as shown in the image below. You can pay for credit using your credit card, PayPal and local payment methods such as iDeal.

Once you’ve purchased some credit, you can start generating coupon codes and define your coupon preferences. To generate a coupon code, click on the green “create coupon” button located at the bottom right corner of the coupons page. Every time you create a new coupon or a set of coupon codes, you can specify their settings. For instance, you can indicate how many times you want to allow your customers to use the coupons and the discount amount or percentage you want to offer.In the example below, I have created 10 coupons. Each of them can only be used once. I’ve set the discount amount to €5.00, so my lucky clients can get € 5 euros off on their next purchase. In addition, I’ve chosen to apply this discount to a maximum of one product per order. To change or review your coupon settings, click on the blue "details" button in the coupons page.

Your credit and balance explained

When a coupon is used, your customer will receive a discount according to the settings you’ve selected and the coupon’s value will be subtracted from your balance. Once the order has been confirmed, the value will also be subtracted from your remaining credit. If the order is not completed, the discount amount will be returned to your balance. Please bear in mind that your balance needs to be high enough to cover the value of each coupon, otherwise your coupons will be invalid. To get a detailed summary of your balance and credit movements, check out the handy overview on the "buy credit" tab.Got questions about our new coupon codes feature? Leave us a note in the comments and stay tuned for more coupon tips and tricks!