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Getting to know editorial magazine Assuré

September 12, 2023
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What is Assuré Magazine?

Assuré is a magazine focusing on beauty and fashion editorial photography. Created in 2017, the magazine is based in the Netherlands and has a network of photographers and models all over the world.

Assuré Founder and Editor in Chief Rowena Golob explains that “Assuré” stands for self-awareness and confidence. Rowena adds: “We inspire photographers, designers and all people in between to be able and to be confident to show their work and gain recognition within the creative industry worldwide.”

What is the story behind Assuré Magazine?

Fascinated with fashion magazines since a young age, Rowena Golob spent hours analyzing their content and the feelings they portrayed. “When I got my first computer at the age of 11, I started creating magazine covers and other graphic design samples,” Rowena tells Peecho. “I was particularly interested in getting magazines from many different countries […], so it’s no surprise I’m trying to further develop my concept in a broader setting.”

After attending photography and art school, Rowena has worked as a professional photographer for over ten years. “I woke up one day with the confidence to start my own print publication,” she says. “Nowadays, it is my day to day job next to being a photographer, and everyday I try to come up with new ideas to grow and improve, working around the clock to make the brand successful and to reach new audiences.”

Who are the people behind Assuré Magazine?

Since 2017, Assuré has grown into a small consistent team of passionate people with a background in graphic design, web design, fashion photography and arts.

“Many people have the impression we are a large company,” Rowena tells Peecho. “However, we consist of a small team and we work very hard to make this magazine happen! We go through photo submissions, have meetings about new projects, opportunities, and graphic design, keep up with the website, do photoshoots and social media.”

To the question of what makes Assuré Magazine stand out in today’s crowded publishing market, Rowena says: “We are all perfectionists, which contributes to the enthusiasm and quality of the reviewing process and motivates us to keep developing. We have a background in photography, so next to taking photo submissions, we also create ourselves and use local teams to achieve this, from make-up artists, to local models.”

Why is Assuré Magazine working with Peecho?

“Nothing beats to actually see your work in print,” says Rowena. “I found out about Peecho at the end of 2019, after doing some research on Print on Demand platforms. We already made use of Printing on Demand services, but we were not 100% satisfied. After ordering some test prints at Peecho, we were blown away by the print quality. Photographs look so good!

Next to this, some other features Peecho offers, like coupon codes for customers, shipping worldwide, fast production time, and quick customer service to publishers, made us decide to make the switch at the start of 2020, and we would recommend others to do so. In the 1,5 years of working with Peecho now, we never encountered any issues.”

What does the future hold for Assuré Magazine?

Assuré Founder and Editor in Chief plans to continue to expand her online platform and make sure Assuré thrives as a print publication. “We have exciting new talent coming up to feature, and new concepts we’re working on,” Rowena adds. “We don’t want to tell too much about it yet, just make sure to keep an eye on us!”

Where can you find Assuré Magazine?

Assuré is available in digital and print. Would you like to learn more about the magazine? Check out the following links:

• Assuré website, 
• Magazine shop
• Facebook
• Instagram

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