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Seizing Global Markets: DemandBridge-Peecho Partnership Offers Print Flexibility Worldwide

May 3, 2024

Marketing and sales automation platform DemandBridge and Print-on-Demand provider Peecho have entered a partnership to offer DemandBridge clients unlimited print flexibility. Benefits for DB clients include localized printing, procurement, and immediate local tax compliance for international print orders, so they can enter new international markets with confidence.

Peecho's checkout software is now integrated with DemandBridge’s DB Commerce platform. This integration enables users to order printed materials directly from the platform. It removes the complexities associated with legal and tax regulations, allowing DemandBridge clients to expand into international markets more easily.

Furthermore, Peecho’s global network and localized printing approach not only benefits the environment, but also minimizes shipping and logistics issues. It provides clients with the most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable print experience to date.

Streamlined Competitive Advantage Boost

Glenn Miller, President Distributor Management Solutions, expressed his excitement about the partnership:

“This will revolutionize how our clients approach their print logistics on a global scale. By expanding our DB Commerce platform with a robust global print network, DemandBridge is empowering them to think globally and streamline their printing processes. Aside from extending their reach into new international markets, it enhances their customer service and boosts their competitive advantage. In the end, this provides them with a more predictable cost structure, faster supply chain times, and a seamless printing experience.“

Sustainable International Focus

Lachlan Hicks, Partnerships and New Market Development Manager at Peecho, added:

“We're excited about the possibilities that this partnership offers. DemandBridge has been a huge player in the US eCommerce ecosystem for many years. Now that we've teamed up to enable international ordering capabilities, we're confident domestic and international clients will be thrilled to collaborate on a global scale.“

About DemandBridge

Offering a wide range of tools for marketing asset creation and distribution, DemandBridge is a leading marketing and sales automation platform. Among their clientele are Fortune 500 companies in industries such as Retail, Healthcare, Franchise, Financial, Energy, Non-Profit and Distributorships.

About Peecho

Peecho offers global enterprises an effortless way to fulfill their global print needs through easy-to-use software. Their ‘plug and print’ solutions give global marketing teams access to print, whenever and wherever they want. The result: lower printing costs, drastic carbon reductions and unequaled global brand consistency.