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Our team is growing! Meet our new hires!

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November 17, 2022

The year 2022 brings Peecho new challenges and opportunities for success. We’re excited to see that our team is growing and we can’t wait for you too to meet our most recent hires:

Patricia Garcia

Patricia Garcia is the newest representative of Peecho’s customer support team. She’s responsible for providing information about Peecho’s services, assisting customers with their requests, and performing complimentary quality checks on new orders.

Born and grown up in Brazil, Patricia has first lived in London and Barcelona before arriving in the Netherlands and moving to Amsterdam with the intention of pursuing a MA degree. After working for an online supermarket for a while, she was ready for a change. When she stumbled on Peecho’s vacancy, she knew that it was just the place for her. 

“At the beginning, I was a bit scared because of the big amount of information that I would have to learn,” Patricia said. “But everyone has been helping me so much that this "fear" only lasted one day. Everyone that works for Peecho is super nice and friendly, and the communication between teams is easy and productive.” When asked what she likes the most about her job, Patricia said, “My team. I feel very welcome, and everyone works really hard and is proactive. There is a nice environment!”

Patricia is easygoing, loves animals, and picnics. When hanging out with friends, she enjoys grabbing a good beer, going to a festival, or trying out a techno club. She’s a vegetarian, cooking is her therapy, and although afraid of heights, she managed to conquer her fear and braved skydiving. 

Peecho is happy to have welcomed Patricia and excited for her contribution to the team!

Lívia Nicacio

Lívia Nicacio recently joined Peecho as Senior Java Developer. She’s responsible for the development of the software’s necessary functionalities and possible improvements.

Born in Brazil, Lívia moved to the Netherlands with her husband to start a new job and a new life. After working as a software engineer at a digital bank in Brazil, she applied to Peecho because looking for a new opportunity. “Peecho was the place where I most identified myself,” said Lívia. “I really enjoyed the interview and talking to the colleagues who interviewed me.”

When asked what she thought she’d bring to the team, Lívia said, “I’ll bring knowledge acquired in other companies. I want to contribute as much as possible to my colleagues’ professional growth and to the growth of Peecho.” What Lívia likes the most about her job is being able to solve problems, make improvements for the end customer, and being able to learn new technologies from her co-workers. “I was very well received and felt very welcomed since the first few days,” Lívia added. “I’m finding Peecho well organized, I like the flexibility that the company provides, and I’m really enjoying the work environment.”

Lívia likes group sports and movies, and she enjoys the cold and the snow. She loves to host friends at home and learn about new cultures and customs.

The Peecho team is happy to have her on board and looks forward to working together!

Evgeny Klementyev

Evgeny Klementyev is Peecho’s new Team Lead and Senior Developer. He’s in charge of the maintenance and further development of the platform. He’s also enthusiastic to tackle frontend tasks and energizing and inspiring his team.

Born in Russia, Evgeny has spent the last 12 years in Germany, where he worked as a developer at one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies. When asked why he decided to move to the Netherlands, he said, “I’ve moved primarily with the goal to study the jewel of Amsterdam. I’ve been to the city dozens of times before and I love its blend of history, fine arts, architecture, and technology. And the cool swamp nature and the fast clouds.”

Evgeny is excited to now work at a small scale product company. “I feel that I can very directly help to create an amazing product with the team,” he said. “There’s a great vibe and everyone has been welcoming. There’s open communication and people are also very serious when it is required.” Evgeny sees his job as a big opportunity to enhance the company’s evolution and hopes to bring some lively spirit and many new ideas.

Evgeny has a variety of interests including listening to music and dancing swing, hip-hop, house, and contemporary. He runs, does bodyweight exercises, and yoga. He’s interested in Arduino microcontrollers, soldering, and crafting.

Peecho is happy to have welcomed Evgeny to the team and looks forward to great things from him!

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