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Manga print on demand: monetize digital content with Peecho

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November 17, 2022

Bring digital mangas and webtoons to life in print 

Although online mangas and webtoons have increased their worldwide reach through the Internet, there is still something about opening a book and flipping through its pages. This is where our manga printing service comes in.

How our Manga Printing Service works

Peecho’s  print  service  helps  online  manga  and  webtoon  platforms  sell  their  digital  content  in high quality softcover, hardcover, and wall art prints, and earn extra revenue. 

We  offer  an  end-to-end  service  that  includes  global  print  operations  at  top-notch  printers, worldwide  local  delivery,  and  customer  service.  In  addition,  Peecho’s  Printing  API  makes content monetization easy: there are no set-up costs and no inventory is required.  

Peecho  has  been  helping  digital  publishers  bring  their  publications  off  the  screen  and  into  high quality  print  since  2007.  Whether  you  are  a  platform  supporting  independent  publishers  or  an established creator looking for a partner to fulfill your monthly editions, we’ll help set up a print solution that works the best for your business.

Manga printing solutions

Peecho offers an easy to integrate, brandable checkout, and the option to choose between print on demand  and  off-set  printing. While  print  on  demand  gives  you  the  flexibility  to  print  orders  as they come in, removing the upfront costs and allowing any publisher to share a hard copy of their creation, off-set printing allows the print of large runs to get the best price possible.

Case study: How our client brings monthly manga print magazines to subscribers with Peecho

Working with Peecho was the preferred choice of a popular manga and anime swag box company interested in broadening their offering with monthly print editions of their digital manga. 

To ensure a strong balance between cost efficiency and flexibility in production both offset runs and print-on-demand production were employed. This hybrid approach allows the client to scale quickly and ensures that a reader’s favorite edition is always available to order. 

While Peecho takes care of the full operational flow, from production, shipping, and customer support to end clients, the company can simply focus on creating new content.

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